Make Law to Abolish Death Penalty

U.N. has power to pass the new law: Abolish All Death Penalty

The goals of United Nations are helping poverty people, and also avoid the abusing of human rights.

Obviously, all the methods of executions are very cruel to offenders as I mention before. Today, many countries legally use cruel execution methods including hanging, electrocution, lethal injection, gas chamber and firing squads under their law, but this violates the
Declaration of Human Rights
; Moreover, each country must sign the Declaration of Human Rights before they joined into the U.N. The United Nations (U.N) has the power to demand their members to abolish these cruel executions in order to protect human rights.

WHY DO WE KILL PEOPLE WHO KILLD PEPLE TO SHOW THAT KILLING PEOPLE IS WRONG?  WHY WE CAN NOT JUST GIVE UP OUR REVENGE? In order to prevent more blood flow on our hands, we should abolish the death penalty. U.N. should step up to make INTERNATIONAL LAW to legally abolish the death penalty in the world.   

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